Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex $59!

Zoomer Indominus ToyThis guy looks like lots of fun. At least in this version. It’s a very sought after gift and is receiving very good reviews, much of this because you play WITH it, meaning it’s more fun than lots of other toys thanks to it’s interactive design.

The Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex is available for just $59.00 at Amazon as of the time of this post. Shipping is free. Practically everyone else (excluding Walmart) is selling it for somewhere over $70.

From Jurassic World, this dinosaur comes with a certificate of authenticity that’s unique and numbered. It’s quite interactive, learning new moves and using an infrared sensor to “listen” to the commands you give it…with your hands. This model enjoys exploring his surroundings, hunting and recording it’s own combination moves to use again later.

The eyes on it change colors depending on mood, and you’ll hear ferocious sounds emanating from it when your “robot” feels antsy.

No large set up process is required to use your Indominus Rex. Just pop in three AAA batteries and you’re off to your own dinosaur adventures. You get a USB charging cable included so you can charge Rex via another device.