Yoshi’s Woolly World Bundle for Wii U – Pre-Order for $59.99!

Yoshi Wii U GameIt comes with their guarantee that it’s the lowest price you’ll find or they’ll match. If you see it for less than this elsewhere before or within 14 days after the ship date of on or around 10/16, just let them know and they’ll match it or refund the difference. (See all the important details of this policy at the site!)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Yoshi is by far the best of all of the Mario themed characters in existence. His inviting and pleasant smile and fearless will to tackle obstacles as difficult as jumping a chasm or spiking a volleyball are second to none, and his mere existence is reason enough for me to race Karts against my more talented nephews. Having said that, Yoshi doesn’t always get to do the fun stuff.

But things have changed in Mario world. Yoshi has become something of a (well-deserved) cult hero, and he’s back in full force with the latest iteration of an exciting place to be: Yoshi’s World!

While we have no idea for how long they’ll offer this price, we think you should run, not walk, to honor my personal gaming hero (maybe second to Ezio Auditore, maybe) who runs, jumps, and exists only to bring joy to gamers everywhere. Get Yoshi’s Woolly World Bundle for Wii U at Amazon for just $59.99. Shipping is free and it’s all about our (ok, my) gaming icon with this one…

– Plenty of stages with everyone one of them offering great surprises, and happily there is no limit to how much time you’ll have to complete them.

– Push a wall to find a surprise area that was hidden from view. Or unravel them to grab a prize. Your call, my little green hero!

– Frighten those who oppose you by becoming a giant, or maybe a speedy motorcycle, or perhaps a great looking and intellegent mole.

– An awesome, unbelievable Green Yarn Amiibo of Yoshi is of course, happily included!