Xbox One X Now Available for Pre-Order!

Why do Xboxers always say “gonna go Xbox?” When did it become a verb? When it became super, ultra popular. Which was pretty quickly. Lots of stores sold out when customers wanted them most, and that’s true of all versions of the popular console. That’s why we love Pre-orders.

And so here comes the latest version…

  • What is perhaps least surprising is that the latest iteration of Microsoft’s vaunted will release during the holidays. It’s slated to hit the stores and/or start shipping to gamers on 11/30/17. Take a look at the new Xbox One X and Pre-Order yours now at for $499.99 with free shipping. They’ll also be holding a launch part at their stores on 11/6.
  • In our view EVERY console should be backward compatible. Happily, the Xbox One X is. It plays ALL Xbox One games and every one of your previously acquired accessories will pair with it.
  • 40% more power, not just than the previous version, but of ANY consoles on the market, is what Microsoft is promising on this new machine. They’ll do that by using 6 teraflops of processing power along with DDR5 (12 GB worth!) to create spectacularly beautiful graphics. Imagine 326 GB per second of bandwidth. 4K gaming should be even better than before.
  • Some games will come in an “Enhanced” version, optimized to make the most of the features on the powerful Xbox One X.