Xbox One 1TB Tom Clancy’s The Division Console with $100 GC for $399.99!

Xbox One Tom Clancy Division

Until 3/7, Dell is offering the best deal we’ve seen for a highly anticipated bundle. Grab your Xbox One 1TB Console with Tom Clancy’s The Division for $399.99 shipped from them (that’s within $20 of the best price we could find) and they’ll throw in a $100 promotional gift card (sent via e-mail) with your purchase. Because you can spend that money on a huge variety of items on their site (I use mine to pick up more games) that effectively means you’re paying less than $300 for this great bundle of entertainment. According to their site, they’ll begin shipping this new offering from Tom Clancy on 3/8.

The Xbox One is the more spacious 1TB version, so you’ll have plenty more space for your games. It has all the great features you’re used to, including Blu-Ray playback, fast 802.11b/g/n Gigabit Ethernet for flawless gaming, and world’s of entertainment from Xbox Live.

The game? It has high expectations, as Ubisoft is touting it as using “cutting edge” technology to allow you to customize and upgrade all sorts of things in “The Division.” It’s all about the multiplayer, in which you try to head off a virus that’s going out of control. It happens in the jungle, and a big world in which you can ambush enemies and fight for your life.