X-Star DP2710 2560 x 1440 resolution 27″ LED Monitor for $199.90!

X-Star Monitor*Update 9/29 – It disappeared for a bit but has made a comeback!*

*9/24 Update – Don’t look now but this deal is back!*

*9/20 Update: It left us for a bit, then came back. Snag one while you can via the link below!*

Never heard of the brand? Lots of our electronics minded friends have. They make some pretty spectacular monitors, and this one happens to sell for closer to $350 just about everywhere else. The technical specs are up there with the very best anywhere close to their price range. Basically, X-Star is making some very high quality displays, so finding one at a price this low makes it a hot deal.

In a limited quantity, Ebay via dream-seller (and their 99.4% positive feedback rating) are offering the X-star DP2710 2560 x 1440 resolution 27″ LED Monitor for a very hot price of just $199.90 with free shipping. There’s no listing date available so the price could change at any time.

The DP2710:

– WQHD resolution with 2560 x 1440 pixels on a gorgeous matte LED backlit display that won’t reflect glare.

– Wide, 178 degree viewing angle.

– Beautifully light with 300 cd/m² Brightness.

– A fast 8ms response time makes it a good one for gaming and other fast moving on screen action.

– Two DVI-D ports.

– Lovely 1000:1 contrast ratio from pretty images.