Wowwee Chip Robot Dog $77.74!

*11/30 Update: Within a very short time Amazon has matched the hot price below! Just $77.74 shipped. Note that we don’t expect either to last long!*

Walmart and Amazon are in a price war and some incredible prices are popping up because of it. At the moment, Walmart has taken the lead on this very cool toy!

We considered a good price at $99.99 when their Holiday Toy List popped up a few weeks ago. Then Amazon dropped their own price to around $86. And now Walmart has it at an even lower price! Since it’s quite popular, we have a hard time seeing it drop any time soon. But who knows?

Grab the “Smart” Wowwee Chip Robot Dog for just $77.74 with free shipping at Walmart while you can!

All about Chip!

  • He can be trained to follow voice commands.
  • Pat him on his cute little robot head and he responds.
  • Toss the “SmartBall” and Chip will chase it.
  • A feature called “BeaconSense” allows him to sense his surroundings.
  • He also responds to your clapping, touching and more.
  • You can do even more with him when you download the app to your device.


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