What Day is Black Friday 2015?

Calendar picSo we’re having a little fun with the whole “Black Friday is Friday November 27” announcement you’ll see at every search engine when you submit a query like “what day is Black Friday?” That’s because as we’ve watched the year’s biggest shopping holiday evolve over the years, we’ve noticed that while the most desired products change, and which retailer has the best deals changes, start times at stores change, there is one thing of great significance which has changed most of all: Black Friday doesn’t start on the Friday after Thanksgiving any more, and may not ever do so again.

Trends that begin in the shopping world often change. But in this case we think what we’re seeing is rather more permanent than bell bottom jeans or the advent of the PC. We’re talking about the actual beginning of the holiday shopping season, and the fact that it now starts long before the fourth Friday of November. The truth is that the hot Black Friday level deals began earlier than ever last year, and we’re expecting more of the same in 2015. So mark the date on your calendars folks, not on the 27th of November, or any other Friday for that matter. This year, Black Friday will start on the moment Halloween says goodbye. Yes, we mean Sunday, November 1st.

We’re here 365 days a year, and we see truly hot deals in February, June, and September that are as good as those we see in November. The difference is that we don’t see them as often. Of course not. To paraphrase Sinatra, last year things got crazy early. The first big Black Friday Ad we got our hands on was released on October 19, and offered the deals we were going to see from Harbor Freight.

Most importantly, Walmart announced that they would be dropping to their best prices of the year on the first day of November, and they kept their word. TVs, toys and loads of other items were already available the moment the month started, and continued right through late in December. What changed was the categories in which we were finding the deals, but that has been true throughout our history, and indeed the history of Black Friday. The excellent prices kept on coming, with the actual day of Black Friday becoming rather anti-climactic. By then, we’d already seen the truly great stuff, and many of the deals were simply rehashed on the “holiday” itself. Obviously we were happy to see those great deals again, but if you were ready sooner, you’d already have bought it, wrapped it, and had it ready to give.

What happened once the world’s biggest retailer took the plunge? Of course, the rest of the web followed. And not just the “big retailers.” Yes, Best Buy, Amazon, and online superstar NewEgg followed. But the lesser known names were forced to follow suit or be left behind. Suddenly there was a sort of retail “feeding frenzy” and the deals just kept on coming, the variety increased, and we can honestly say that the majority of the best bargains we saw in 2014 were on the days before and after the much ballyhooed “big day” itself.

In our opinion, this isn’t going to change. You know that legal axiom “you can’t unring the bell?” Well, it’s been rung, loudly and repeatedly. We don’t expect it to stop chiming this year. Mark your calendars. Black Friday 2015 is actually a Sunday. Mark November 1st, then stop in and see us.