Vizio M50-C1 50″ 4K UHD 120Hz LED LCD Smart HDTV $628.99

Vizio M50-C1

Whichever price you get it’s a good one. HDTVs like this are the reason Vizio is a strong competitor in the category of both HD and 4K TVs. With their sets, you typically get more than you would with a Samsung, Sony or LG. This one is no exception.

Where others might use Edge lighting in this class of TVs, Vizio offers full backlighting across the screen. They use 32 LED zones that “monitor” and effectively light the set to keep it consistently bright or dark depending on the source. The 60Hz native refresh rate is enhanced by their proprietary technology (120 Effective rate) to keep up with any action on the screen.

WiFi is built-in of course, and Smart functionality with plenty of apps is pretty smooth. You can watch Netflix, Crackle, Vudu and a host of others on it, along with listening to internet radio from Pandora and others (get a good home theater set-up, and you’ll love music on it.)

They don’t skimp on the HDMI inputs either. The M50-C1 has five on the back, more than enough for most users. To make an informed choice, you should read the customer reviews at the site. They’re quite good, and right on par with the “higher-end” brand names. More bang for your buck with this one, just like a Vizio.

Amazon has this VIZIO M50-C1 50″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model) for the low price of $628.99 and shipping is free. For those of you with Prime accounts, the price drops to $599.