Fantastic Deal on the LG 55UF7600 2015 Model 55″ 4K Smart HDTV!

As an experiment, we think we should all head into our local “Big Box” store and tell them we want to purchase an HDTV. Not just any TV, but the LG 55UF7600 2015 model 55″ 4K stunner. Then we’ll tell them we want it on sale. Then we’ll let them know we want a very good price on it, and we want it delivered to our home at no extra charge. After they agree to all of that, we’ll tell the nice salesperson that we want an extra TV thrown in free of charge. Oh, and make that a good TV like the LG LG32LF500B 32″ LED HTDTV that goes for about $240 all over the place. Yes, we want you to throw that one in for FREE. Once the stunned look on the face of the salesperson goes away, and it’s finally agreed that you’ll get this spectacular TV, plus a free 32″ TV, that’s when you throw in the clincher: We also would like $300 to come back and spend later at your store!

At this point, the store manager just might call the authorities…

While it lasts, Dell Home is offering the beautiful LG 55UF7600 55″ 4K Ultra Smart HDTV, plus the LG LG32LF500B 32″ HDTV, AND a $300 promotional gift card (sent to you via e-mail) all for just $1,249.99. Shipping is free, and only Amazon is better than this price, but you get JUST THE 55UF7600 TV. That makes this one of the best HDTV deals we’ve seen all year. The GC will be added to your cart automatically as long as this deal is available.
How long it lasts is anyone’s guess.

About the 55UF7600:

– Four times the resolution of 1080p on an IPS panel LED HDTV that will grab your attention.

– A stunning review score of 4.7 out of 5 at Amazon.

– Direct LED backlighting and local dimming for perfect, consistent images.

– Loads of Smart functionality!