UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for $269.99!

It’s the first time we’ve ever seen it for less than $300! With no expiration date listed, Amazon is offering the UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker in your choice of 4 colors (Charcoal Black, Electric Blue, Plum or Lava Red for just $269.99 shipped to your door. They’re making some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy, and this one is no exception…

– More than 100 reviews have been tallied, and the Megaboom receives 4.6 out of 5 stars on average.

– Their goal is to create sound that comes from 360 degrees, producing a wide sound stage for your listening pleasure. So far, it seems that they’ve succeeded with all of their speakers.

– Powerful, yet weighs less than 2 pounds!

– Download the Megaboom App and get even more control of the sound and features available on it.

– Bluetooth connects as far as 100 feet from it’s source.

– Charges very fast via micro USB.

– The battery lasts for as much as 20 hours.

– Crazy, but it’s even waterproof