Top 5 Shopping Tips for Black Friday 2015!

Black Friday Tips!

Because it’s never too early to prepare for the big game, and because our “Super Bowl” is on the way, and because I have dozens more football analogies that I’ve been waiting for months to use, here’s our first Black Friday preview of the year. As a public service announcement, we’re bringing your our top 5 shopping tips for coming out of Black Friday with all the gifts you want, while having spent less money than you thought possible, and with nary a bruise to your physique or your ego!

So get in the huddle, call your play, audible to your slot receiver and put your tight end in motion. The big game is coming! (Did I miss any?)

1.) Go early, go often!

– Last year, all of the big retailers jumped into the Black Friday pool starting on the first of November. It’s very likely that here will be hot deals starting on that day this year as well, and we’ll see most of them matched or even bettered multiple times between then and some time late in December. You’ll have plenty of chances to get a great price on the item you’re looking for. Check back here often, as we update our deals frequently.

2.) Don’t play favorites!

– If you set your mind on getting the best deal from one of the “big name” retailers, you could miss out on an even better price. As always, some of the very best Black Friday deals will likely come from sellers you know less about. Fortunately, finding reviews on a seller isn’t difficult. Google is your friend.

3.) Don’t stress it!

– We can’t tell you how many people have told us that they hate Black Friday (though judging by the sales numbers from the Holiday period, those folks are clearly in the minority). The first thing they tend to mention is the “stress” of it all. Frankly, I haven’t shopped at the mall in years, which means I haven’t stood in line, nor been bumped into,nor had to deal with a sales clerk who’s angry because he or she had to work during the holidays. I’m not saying that those things are the norm, but they do happen. I shop online. And I haven’t been stressed by the act of shopping in years.

4.) Use us!

– Snagging a great deal can be fun. No one knows that better than us and it’s the number one reason we do this. We actually like finding great deals. Whatever you’re looking for this Black Friday, we’re betting we can find a deal on it. Whether it’s the hottest toy or the most sought after video game of the season, send an e-mail to and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to find a deal on it.

5.) Have fun with it!

– It’s supposed to be a joyous time of year, after all. Relax, take a deep breath, and watch the great deals as they make their way around the web!