TiVo Mini for $99.99!

We just moved into a new house. I bought the Verizon FIOS Package (a review of my service and installation is forthcoming). You should have seen the look on my face when I realized that the plan we’re on DOES NOT COME WITH A DVR! Of course, this is my fault. I didn’t read closely enough with all the moving and such. Thanks to Best Buy, I’m about to fix that.

We love all TiVo products, and I’m about to pull the trigger on this one immediately after I post this deal. You should do the same, because their best deals also have the shortest life spans.

Get the TiVo Mini Digital Video Recorder (model TCDA92000) for just $99.99 with free shipping while they have it in stock!

The TiVo Mini offers loads of features in spite of it’s small, easy to fit in a room without saying “wow, that’s a big DVR”, size. It’s Smart enabled and offers access to a whole world of entertainment, using the internet to also bring you music, and of course, it records your shows when you screwed up and didn’t get a DVR with your plan.

The Mini also offers the ability to stream to any TV in your home, gives you a fantastic search feature, allows you to pause, stop, rewind etc…on live TV shows, while also giving you the ability to control it from your IOS or Android device. Basically, go snag one!