Timex T5E231 Ironman Men’s Watch for $29.99!

Timex Ironman WatchTheir watches look pretty cool to me, but the Timex Ironman series has become synonymous with toughness. I’ve had one for years, worn it when I run, and it’s absorbed plenty of shock, resisted tons of dust from trails, and still works perfectly. That’s one reason to get one.

The best reason today is that eBay has the Timex T5E231 Ironman Men’s Watch (sold directly by Timex) for just $29.99 today. Shipping is free and that’s $15 less than we see it for anywhere else, and that’s about the same amount of discount we’re expecting to see on these extremely durable timepieces during the upcoming Black Friday period. Because they sell at already reasonable prices, this is about as big a discount as we’re likely to see then.

The T5E231 has a window made of crystal that’s protected with an acrylic cover, so that it doesn’t get all scratched up when you’re being particularly active. Their Flix system gives you plenty of lighting for when you’re still playing after the sun goes down. It’s resistant to water as far as 100 meters, and also features a reminder for events you would probably already be late for without it. Of course, it offers a training log that keeps track of things like your daily workout, how fast you ran your most recent lap, and other fun stuff.