Thule TCSP-313 Crossover Sling Backpack $39.99!

Thule Sling Crossbody Backpack

If you’ve never shopped at Tanga, we highly recommend you take a look around there at some point. They offer some pretty fantastic deals on a regular basis on everything from laptops to apparel, and even some excellent offers on high-end backpacks like this once. For reference purposes, we see the model one number BELOW this one selling for as much as $95 at other sellers.

While it lasts, Tanga offers the Thule TCSP-313 Crossover Sling Backpack in Blue for just $39.99 with free shipping. Though it’s technically designed for a Macbook Pro 13″ laptop, many users say it fits most other models easily along with a tablet and smartphone.

This “Sling” style pack offers a small form factor that’s easy to handle thanks in part to a wide strap. Backpack style straps are also included. A padded compartment holds your laptop safely, along with plenty of other smaller devices and accessories. A compartment inside allows for storage of thinner items, while pockets that are easily reach let you keep a nutrition bar or water bottle in their respective places.