The Ultimate Black Friday 2015 Preview Part II (What Legos and the iPad Pro have in Common!)

Lego Figurine

So now that we’ve given you some of our tips on how to enjoy Black Friday (or at least find yourself suffering from less stress than usual as you shop) it’s time to talk deals.

So what do Legos and the iPad Pro have in common? That’s easy. They’re going to be among the most highly sought after items during the Black Friday madness this year. Of course, the products that will be most hunted by shoppers will encompass a wide variety of categories, from toys to HDTVs, from tablets to newfangled vacuums, and far beyond.

However, there are always a few products that stand out. These are the items that cause people to lose their minds as Black Friday approaches. They wait in line, check the ads in the Sunday paper regularly, and pitch a tent in front of the store to make sure that they get one.

I would say “without further ado” but we’re actually fans of ado (maybe as a result of watching too many Apple commercials) and so we’ll take a look at what we think will be 10 of the hottest products of the 2015 holiday shopping season.

(Results are tabulated using only an abacus and a bottle of hair spary, and with only one vote counted – mine in case you’re wondering).

The top 10 Hottest Products of the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season!
*Products we know to be of poor quality are excluded from our list. Why? Because if it’s crap, it’s not a deal at any price.*

1.) Lego Star Wars anything.
Perhaps a single toy will emerge as the big one, but the truth is that LEGO gets tons of mileage during the holidays, and they’re sales go up crazy high for practically all of their toys. They advertise well, offer high-quality building toys, and you’re likely to see some seriously great deals on them starting November 1st, especially those tied to a certain, soon to be released saga…

2.) The iPad Pro.
We’re shocked, positively stunned that they’re waiting to release this one in November. I mean, what’s the deal with November? Oh, wait…Anyway, aside from their genius at spreading the word about their products, this gorgeous tablet is slated to be a fantastic, very useful device. A 12.9″ retina display and better touch experience are promised, and likely to be delivered. Prices will start at about $800, but we’re confident we’ll able to find some sort of better deal once the craziness begins.

3.) Beats by Dre Headphones
Solo, Pro, Mixr, wired, wireless…they’re all pretty darned popular. We’re guessing they’ll be just that again come November. Pretty much all of them give you great sound, but the next gen design along with eye popping colors make them trendy, ergo popular. Look for plenty of deals on these.

4.) The new iPhone
The 6s and 6s Plus (it’s rather huge!) are certain to me among the products most likely to be searched for far and wide. We’re expecting to find some kind of deal on them, but these may come in the free gift card with purchase category. Still, as with practically every product, these new iPhones will be attached to some kind of deal somewhere. Stay tuned.

5.) Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker.
Every woman in our family owns one version or another. They “compete” online to see who walks the most and do other fun stuff with them. And now there’s a new one. Finally, they’ve built one with GPS, so that your results will be more accurate than ever.

6.) Xbox One.
As the ultra-popular new games appear, the folks at Microsoft bundle it with a console. This results in most of the very best Xbox One deals we’ve seen this year so far. We expect some of our very best video games of the Black Friday melee to involve these bundles.

7.) Amazon 2nd Generation Fire TV
The 1st one was good, and the 2nd is clearly better. Why are we so confident about this? Well, 4K support is included with the Fire TV. Even more incredibly awesome (dude), it uses the Alex voice search function to get you what you’re looking for. Hey you, find me Goodfellas! This one releases in October and could be the “talk of the town” in the TV world by November.

8.) Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet
A 7″ tablet with an IPS display (it gives you better viewing from an off center angle), a quad-core processor, plus access to the same world of entertainment you get with a Kindle starting at $49? Amazon is banking on a big holiday season, starting with this shockingly low price.

9.) An unspecified 32″ HDTV for $100
It’s one of the most frequent requests we get around Black Friday. And every year we find at least one for about $100. Each year it’s a different brand, but every year it pops up. Note that it’s an extremely fast seller once it appears.

10.) Fujiflim X100 Series Digital Cameras
They make a few different models in this one, and we’ve had numerous requests to find a deal on one in the past few months. They’re highly-rated by critics and photographers, and we’re betting we’ll see them below their $1,3000 regular price at some point near Black Friday.