The Ultimate Black Friday 2015 Preview Part I!

Black Friday PictureWe apologize for the title, but watching Apple roll out their new gadgets this week has us in full “mega-hype” mode! Let’s calm things down a bit and talk about the great shopping experience we all know as Black Friday.

So how do you handle this whole crazed experience while keeping your stress level down and your wallet or purse still flush with cash? Here are a few of our recommendations for a less stressful Black Friday in 2015…

1.) This is the most important point of all, and one that we’ve been repeating for months: Shop Early. No, that doesn’t mean you should show up at Walmart at 2AM on Thanksgiving Day (not that there’s anything wrong with that). What we mean is that Black Friday will begin almost a month before it’s actual calendar date this year. As we search through our extensive database here and at our sister site, we notice that many of the best prices of the entire year came not ON Black Friday itself, but in the first or second week of November. Yes, they’ll start early again this year, just as they did last year. So don’t wait until the middle of the month to start looking. November 1st will be the kick off day for this year’s hot, holiday shopping deals.

2.) Don’t put all your eggs into one retailers basket. There are many, many reputable sellers on the web nowadays. The internet has made it easy to check a seller out to see if they’re legitimate and customer service friendly. If you see a great deal posted here on our site, know that it’s a seller we know and trust. But if you’re more comfortable seeing for yourself, it’s very easy to find all the information you need on your own on the www. Some of the hottest deals of the holiday shopping season are likely to come from sellers you may not have heard of it. Don’t rule them out, check them out. You could be passing on a great find if you just say no because it isn’t from Amazon or Macy’s.

3.) Click our “Deals” tab at the top of the site as often as you can throughout the season. That’s where we’ll feature the very best deals as they appear. The nature of those deals is such that they’ll appear on the web suddenly, and sometimes sell out or change in price equally quickly. We don’t leave our computers often in the 2 month long season around Black Friday, which means we’re ready to post them the moment we find them. With 12 years of experience behind us, we’re pretty confident that we can get them on your screen as quickly as anyone on the web. Oh, and we love to send the hottest of all the deals to twitter.