The new Xbox One X and Where to Find it!

They innovate, tweak, and sell an enormous number of consoles each time they do something even a little bit “new.” And always, every single time they release somewhere around Christmas. It’s no coincidence of course. With the vast majority of shoppers waiting until November and December to initiate their holiday spending, the choice is obvious: The new versions of the best consoles are on the way soon.

So we took a peek at the new Xbox One X. Here’s some of what we found:

  • Microsoft is calling it “the World’s Most Powerful Console” in their advertising.
  • According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X will feature 40% more power, not just when compared to their previous versions, but when compared to ANY OTHER gaming machine outside of gaming PCs. The idea is to create faster, and therefore smoother, gameplay and streaming when the source is 4K. They accomplish this with 6 teraflops (for the record that’s equal to one trillion “floating points per second” of computing power). Ergo faster, smoother, image processed gaming.
  • Compatibility is always a question, as both Microsoft and Sony both tend to eschew going “backwards” to entice to you buy new games in the latest format. In this case you’ll find that you can play all Xbox One games, and pair all of the previous versions of accessories with the One X. However, because of the increased ability to “enhance” the graphics available to it, the new version will also feature a selection of “Enhanced” titles that take better advantage of it’s abilities.
  • Often lost in the excellent features of this generation of consoles is that they make it unnecessary to purchase a stand alone Blu-Ray player. These machines don’t just give you the ability to watch movies in beautiful, high-resolution glory, they do so VERY WELL. With it’s new imaging ability, we expect the One X to do this quite well. With HDR, it streams your favorite sources like Hulu, Amazon and so on in beautiful 4K (when available.)

Currently, the price we see is $499.00 at every site we checked. Here’s where to get the latest version of Microsoft’s ultra-popular machine: