The New TiVo Mini with RF Remote for $119.95!

TiVo Mini*Update – Still in stock as of 11/19!*

It’s a great deal if you already have their service. You connect it via your existing DVR via your already existing network, if you have TiVo service in your home. What it does is add functionality in another room. It “handshakes” with your main device, allowing that signal to move to this box, which you’ll then use to enjoy your favorite streams of music, video sports, TV via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and more, and all the other fun stuff you get with their innovative.

Since it’s connected to your main unit, you can check the schedule on that one to their Wish List or One Pass search. All of what your TiVo DVR does, including skipping, pausing, rewinding and so on, the Mini gains via wireless. It’s basically the perfect addition to an already great device. The remote is an RF version, so that it will still get a single when something is in the way.

While it lasts, Amazon offers The New TiVo Mini with RF Remote for just $119.95. With free shipping, that’s the best price we could find by more than $29 for it.