The Enormous Amazon Electronics Gift Guide!

Amazon Electronics GiftsAlright, this one’s for you techies. We affectionately call them (and sometimes ourselves, though we’re probably not smart enough) “geeks” and we mean it with the utmost respect. Technology makes this crazy world of ours go ’round, making huge leaps in what we can do possible, and advancing at a pace so rapid not even our iPads can keep up. Well, this is your time of year, my friends. It’s time to find the best deals on brands like Samsung, Bose, Nikon, Microsoft, GoPro and all the other fun stuff that makes life more convenient, and most importantly much more fun!

From HDTVs to streaming media players, we’re about to see some of the most stunning prices of the year on electronics of all kinds. That’s hardly a bold prediction, because it’s what we see every year. One day deals, others that come and go as fast as “Lightning” and deals that pop up for minutes, then disappear, never to be seen again are part of the fun of the holiday shopping season.

Not everyone has a single item already in mind when they shop for gifts during the Black Friday shopping season. That’s why we’re dedicating this one to those of you who want to see electronics, lots of shiny, technologically advanced, great looking, great sounding electronics without having to search the entire web to see them. It’s a great way to get some ideas on what you may actually want to buy.

Enter the Amazon Electronics Gift Guide. If, like me, you’re rather obsessive about all things that are powered by electricity and make your life easier or more fun, you’re going to like the enormous variety you can browse there. And very soon (likely as soon as the first of November) we’re going to see price drops on a great deal of it.

Note that some of Amazon’s best deals, for example, will be featured in their Gold Box or Lightning Deals. But you don’t necessarily have to look there. When the price drops for an item, you will also see it on that item page while the lower price is available.

In the almost a dozen years (who’s counting?) we’ve been doing this, many of the best Black Friday Deals (again, not just that day from about 11/1 right through December) will pop up there. It’s where we’ve found all time lows on everything from the ultra-popular Roku Player to shockingly hot HDTV deals.

So what’s in the Electronics Gift Guide, exactly? Well the variety is big, Jurassic World hungry dinosaur big, and covers all sorts of electronics fun. But just for the sake of sampling, here’s a small taste of some of their categories, with the type of exceptional devices and products you’ll find there:

Gamer:  Whether you play via console of PC, everything from gaming laptops to console headsets are in here. Bundles on Wii U, Xbox One and Playsation4 that include games, the latest racing wheel from Logitech, gaming environments from Gaems that you take with you, and those all-important headsets so you can hear your enemy before he sees you.

Wearables: It’s the latest craze! Instead of wearing a boring watch, why not one that allows you to take phone calls? Or keep track of your workout? Why not one that does both and also plays music? Great wearables include the Microsoft Band, Mio Fuse, and the Garmin Fenix.

Home Entertainment: It happens to be my personal favorite, and if you’re in to relaxing at home and enjoying a complete theater experience, it may become yours as well. The hot HDTV deals will be here, of course. But so will deals on home theater projectors, the latest TiVo device, the Roku 4 media player, and did we mention the huge selection of HDTVs?

Gadget Guru: Looking for a deal on an Google Nexus 6 smartphone? Or perhaps a high-tech 3D printer is on your gift list this year? Whatever innovates and or achieves technological awesomeness can be found here, like ultra fast solid state drives, tablets from Microsoft, Samsung and Asus, and even a droid shaped like a sphere will make your mouth water when you visit this section.