The Complete Series of the Sopranos (DVD or Blu-Ray) for $74.99 Today!

SopranosOne of the most popular series in television history at an excellent, one day (11/12) price. If you’re interested in the entire, highly-rated series, the price is right at the moment. A word of caution: Though it’s a daily deal there, you have no guarantee that it won’t sell out before midnight.

Get The Complete Series version of The Sopranos in your choice of formats for just $74.99. Shipping is free and of course, it’s a fantastic show.

The DVD version comes with loads of special features like a detailed episode guide that’s 16 pages long, a reaction from David Chase when the series ended, and why and how the music for the show was selected.

A Multi-Format version in spectacular Blu-Ray high definition (obviously our choice) gives you the entire series plus plenty of extras, and a Digital HD version for watching on your laptop when you’re in the mood.