The Best HDTV Deals for December 2016! List Updated Frequently!


Could the HDTV deals we saw in November get even hotter? Having does this for almost 11 years now, we expect that in some ways it will. The trend of the past few years suggests that many of the hottest deals we saw in November, including on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will reappear at some point in December. And some will actually drop in price over their lowest point from last month. Why?

With HDTV prices dropping as more companies make them, the competition is fierce even before November. But now multiple sellers offer the same model for purchase, and there are millions of shoppers looking for an HDTV at a hot price.

But most importantly, retailers tend to order more inventory than they need so that they can maximize profits. With December looming, what has not sold (and this includes not only the off brand sets, but some of the most highly-rated models) is now going to need to sell to avoid leftover models that will be difficult to unload in January.

And so, we approach December with very high expectations.

And so without further ado, we’re going to list the hottest HDTV deals we find right here, as regularly as possible, throughout our favorite month to shop.

*Note – A number of our November Deals are still available. See that post for the best remaining offers.*

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