The 2017 Black Friday Chat with the Daily Press Is Coming on Tuesday, 11/21!

*This Tuesday, 11/21/17 we’ll head to the offices of the Daily Press and revive our annual Black Friday Chat! The fun starts at Noon EST. Only this time on Facebook Live! Send us your questions or log in to the chat here. More details to follow.*

By our unofficial count, this will be our 7th Black Friday Chat with the Savvy Shopper. In years past, that meant lugging our laptops to the local offices of our favorite newspaper and answering questions from shoppers looking for deals. Using an online “live chat” platform, one of us would read the question aloud, another thumbed through ads, while another member of the group would type an answer.

My memory (trust it at your own risk) tells me that the first couple of iterations were long affairs, with our merry band of deal seekers repeating the steps above for as many as ten consecutive hours. Eventually and perhaps inevitably, the reporter who first engaged us in this endeavor became our good friend.

The whole thing was fast paced, with questions flying at us at what seemed like a rate of fifty per minute. Remember, there were only three or four of us working to answer them, and we worked quickly and (kind of sort of) efficiently while munching on muffins or pizza and slugging coffee like we were trying to wake the dead.

And we loved it. By the end of the evening, the gratitude of customers was almost overwhelming. We had done nothing close to saving the world, but for a few hours we felt as if we had saved quite a few hard working people some of their hard earned money at a time of year when doing so could make their holidays just a smidgen better. Knowing that more than 10,000 had “attended” one of those online chats was nice boost of confidence.

So when Natalie Joseph called from the Daily Press to ask if we wanted to revive our annual, rather public conversation about holiday shopping, we jumped at the chance.