TCL 32D2700 32″ LED HDTV for $158.88!

TCL 32D2700 TV

The reviews at Amazon pretty much say it all; 4.6 out of 5 stars. The new, 2015 model 32D2700 is doing what most of their sets do, which is bringing folks a great experience at a great price. This is a lower price than we’d seen before, and in our opinion well worth the money for a set this size. Don’t worry about the 720p or 60Hz refresh rate, as neither is terrible useful in a 32″ set.

With no expiration date anywhere we could find, they’re offering the the TCL 32D2700 LED HDTV for just $158.88 with free shipping. That’s equal to some lesser known brands that are NOT getting high marks like this one, and considerably less than the bigger known brands will “give” you one of theirs for.

The 32D2700 is great for a bedroom or office thanks to it’s size, but it also offer full-array LED backlighting at this surprising price. A 60Hz refresh rate is just fine for dealing with most on screen action, and the 720p resolution on the display will looke plenty nice on it. A pair of HDMI inputs allow you to achieve high defintion happiness.