Surface 2 Tablet, NVIVIA Tegra 4, 1080p, 64GB for $299.99!

Surface 2 TabletIf you’re looking to get into the “Surface” domain without breaking the bank, this certainly looks like the perfect deal. Our friends at are offering the latest model Surface 2 Tablet from Microsoft for a pretty ridiculous price. While it’s going for at least $405 everywhere else we found it, they have this excellent tablet for just $299.99. With free shipping, basically no one else is close. While the listing gives this one 3 more days, those dates always make us nervous.

– A beautiful 1080p display with 10.6″ of real estate and a super functional multi touchscreen that’s easy to use. The screen adjusts itself depending on lighting conditions around it.

– This model uses MicroSD for additional storage, but you get 64GB on board when you get it.

– The new, USB 3.0 standard connects faster and transfers files with more speed than the previous 2.0 version.

– Versions of great programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel are on board thanks to RT Open (2013 version.)

– Speed to spare thanks to the Tegra 4 processor from NVIDIA that speeds on 4 cores and employs 2GB of RAM.

– The kickstand allows you to prop it up whenever you feel like it.