Surefire P3X Fury LED Flashlight $145 Today!

With this one, a couple of places have it for about $185. Aside from that though, you’re looking at spending $200 for this awesome flashlight if you purchase it elsewhere. Grab one while it’s at this low price for just one day (7/31!)

Amazon is offering the Surefire P3X Fury LED Flashlight for just $144.99 with free shipping. There is a possibility that it could sell out before the end of the day, so don’t dawdle if you’re interested…

– The P3X offers an LED Emitter that’s practically impossible to break.

– You can employ just 15 lumens for little stuff (finding your shoes in the garage), or as much as 1,000 lumens when you need some serious illumination.

– A “clicker” on the back allows you to adjust the lighting for low and constant, a quick shot of high lighting, and in between.

– A beautifully made reflector allows for focused, exceptionally clear lighting.