Sunbeam 005891-000-000 Programmable Bread Maker $55!

Sunbeam 5891 Breadmaker

*Update 1/21/16 – Out of Stock.*

It’s selling for at least $90 everywhere we found it, and according to the listing at the site is valid for 15 days. Of course, we think the “Limited Quantity” notice is more likely to be true, and that you won’t see this breadmaker at the hot price here for anywhere near that long. I known a “lesser” Sunbeam model, and it’s still working quite well after two years. It’s also easy enough to use for my twelve son to make it on it’s own, and because the machine does most of the work, his loaves are every bit as good as min.

In stock at the moment, the Sunbeam 005891-000-000 Programmable Bread Maker is offered for just $54.99 with free shipping. The seller is beeHive and they’re selling it at eBay’s website. Here are a few of the features you get…

– The ability to make a loaf of bread up to 2 pounds.

– A delay feature that allows you to program it fo wait as much as 13 hours before making your bread.

– A faster than usual express cycle that allows you to get your loaf in less than 60 minutes.

– The control panel is similar to mine, but of course has more features, and lets you see and control more. From here you can tell it what size loaf you want, whether you want the crust to be light or dark, and how big you want your loaf to be.