Star Wars BB-8 Interactive Hero Droid Now $149.97!

*Update 11/18 – This is why we say there’s no reason to wait! This one is at $149.97 at the moment!*

The wife thinks I’m nuts for saying this, but this little guy is now my favorite droid. Something about him just makes me want to put the movie on and watch it AGAIN. I find him funny, sensitive, intelligent, and basically the most “human” droid we’ve seen in the entire Star Wars series.

It’s fun, fun, and fun. It’s also a rare occasion to find it for less than $200. While it lasts (the price and availability could change at any time) Amazon offers the Star Wars BB-8 Interactive Hero Droid for a low price of $179.99! Shipping is free or course, and did I mention I would love one for Christmas?

  • This version of the BB-8 (model 6028283) is 16 inches tall, making him more fun to interactive to play with than the smaller versions of this technological hero.
  • Voice commands move him, and allow you to turn him as much as 360 degrees. Use “Follow Me Mode” to get him roll by your side!
  • “Real” sound effects and lighting are model after actual moments in the film.
  • He runs on an included Ni-MH 1800 mAH battery and 3 AAA batteries you’ll have to purchase yourself.
  • Included n the box are BB-8, his remote control, a charger for the wall, a cable, an antenna and plenty of guidance literature.