Sony XBR75X910C 75″ 4K Ultra HD 3D 120Hz LED Smart TV $5500!

Sony XBR75X910C TV

We’ve had multiple requests to find this one, and since it’s available for Pre-Order, we thought we’d take a look. Because they guarantee that it’s the lowest price (up to 14 days after you order it), you can be sure it’s the best deal you’ll find on it. Read all about this excellent guarantee at the site.

The spectacular, long awaited and highly acclaimed Sony XBR75X910C 75″ 4K Ultra HD 3D 120Hz LED Smart TV is available at Amazon for $5,499.99 with Enhanced Delivery at no extra cost. They’ll schedule the delivery, set it up where you want it, plug it in to ensure that it’s working perfectly, then take the box and any other packing trash with them so you don’t have to deal with it. Who else does that for free? Oh, and if you snag your new XBR75X910C before 9/13 they’ll throw in three free months of Hulu Plus Service as well. The price itself is guaranteed until 9/20.

Though I haven’t seen it in person, others are giving it high praise. We hear raves everywhere about it’s ability to upscale to 4K almost flawlessly, along with positive comments regarding it’s ability to handle even the fastest on screen action when viewing sports or playing high-maintenance video games. Of course, the incredible resolution of Ultra HD along with Sony’s ability to produce incredible color without making it look like you’re watching cartoons doesn’t hurt.

Some technical specifications for the XBR75X910C:

– Gorgeous upscaling thanks to a combination of Sony’s Pro version X-Reality technology paired with their latest X1 Processor Engine. According to those who have tested it, this is a “revelation” in the ability to upscale to Ultra HD levels.

– A 120Hz Native Refresh Rate makes this set more than capable of dealing with motion on it’s display, and Sony enhances this ability with their XR 960 Motionflow technology.

– It’s super thin, measuring as low as 5mm at it’s slimmest point. It’s also practically without bezel, so you get the full advantage of the “floating design” that makes it appear to be suspended on it’s own.

– It’s quite Smart, offering Android TV with voice capability so you can just tell it what you want to watch. It’s also ready for GoogleCast, PS3 streaming and much more. Of course, you can also personalize your experience on the XBR75X910C, and do everything quickly with built in Wi-Fi.

– The XBR75X910C does better than most when viewed at an angle, according to experts we’ve heard from.