Sony Playstation VR Headset with Gran Turismo Sport $279.99!

*Update – This one’s fluctuating daily. We recommend you keep checking it as the season progresses.*

We checked our price from Black Friday of last year and found that you had few options. Basically, you were going to pay $400 to get the VR Headset on it’s own. There were few games that featured it, and those were running for roughly $60.

That’s one reason we like this deal. For a limited time and with a high sell out risk, Ebay (antonline is the seller) is offering the Playstation VR Headset from Sony bundled with the Standard Edition of Gran Turismo Sport from Sony Interactive (which sells for $60 pretty much everywhere) for just $279.99! Shipping is free. So, for less than last year’s price of the VR alone, you’ll be ready to virtually drive your way to glory right out of the box. It’s also the lowest price we’ve found for the headset bundled with ANY game.

The Headset:

  • 5.7″ OLED Display allows for immersive gaming.
  • HDMI and USB interfaces for easy connections.
  • A 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer give you smooth visuals.

The Game:

  • Manufacturers’ Cup decides the best brand of car.
  • FIA Championships across 3 regions for online competition.
  • Create and manage your racing career.