Some Great Bluetooth Speakers on Sale Around the Web!

This one’s a request from our friend Rebecca. She’s a mom, works full time, and with her busy schedule hasn’t had the time to do enough research to choose the right Bluetooth speaker to fit her lifestyle and busy schedule. She pretty much just knows she wants one that’s portable and “loud enough.”

Since we’ve posted hundreds of deals on them this season, we thought we’d choose a variety of models, with a pretty broad spectrum of features that we would recommend to a friend shopping for a great Bluetooth speaker.


*12/6 Update – A couple more just popped up that we think are well worth the price.*

That’s the lowest we’ve seen for it. It’ a great speaker, but the biggest strength of this little speaker is it’s very rugged construction which makes it waterproof, and very durable.

Perhaps the most popular bluetooth speaker at the site. 10 Watts of power per channel makes it nice and loud. It’s slashproof and water resistant which makes it great for the gym, pool or beach.


This one is selling for about this same price elsewhere. When that’s the case, we send folks our shoppers there because they have more reviewers, which means a higher likelihood of having your question answered. In this case those reviews are excellent after more than 1,500 shoppers have weighed in.

It’s a very small (as in fits in your palm), cylinder shaped speaker that looks more like a microphone. We’re assuming the volume doesn’t get too loud on this one (it cranks out just three watts), but it’s extreme portability, Bluetooth 4.0 capability and popularity caught our eye.

We’ve recommended this one multiple times. Though the bass isn’t quite at the level of more expensive models, the Soundcore is plenty loud for small rooms like an office or bedroom. It features an incredibly long playtime (as much as 24 hours on one charge), great range (up to 66 feet from your sound source), and an 18 month warranty. There’s also one of these in our house. We use it with our laptops.


I actually own this one. We bought it just a few months ago to pair with our Amazon Echo. To connect the two, we simple asked Alexa to do so. It couldn’t have been easier and they’ve work together pretty much without issue since. I was also pretty shocked at how much sound came out of this little speaker when we¬† turned up the volume. It’s not home theater level of course, but when you look at it and hear it at the same time, you’ll be surprised at the relative power of this small speaker (10 watts per channel over two channels), according to the manufacturer. Though we usually plug it in, it does offer as much as 12 hours of play on one charge. Reviewers at Amazon give it 4.4 stars on average, and that’s right about where I would put it.


It has everything that makes their speakers so popular; easy Bluetooth connectivity, high quality sound, compatibility with both IOS and Android devices and ease of use. But the Link 20 goes well beyond, also offering multi-room playback thanks to Google Chromecast (it’s built-in), and voice recognition via Google Assistant so you don’t have to touch it or even be close to it to start your music and control what you listen to. But GA also means you can use it to get information. Of all the speakers we see in it’s price range, this one looks like the “funnest.” And it’s plenty loud thanks to 10 watts per channel of sound.



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