Snap-On 870232 Slam Utility Knife for $12.99!

Snap On Utility Knife

*2/27 Update – They’ve upped the price to $17.99. We’ll keep you posted.*

Basically, they’re offering this very useful tool for almost half what others sell it for. The exception is the world’s largest online retailer, who is charging more than $18 for it, and you need to spend more to receive free shipping.

If you’ve shopped at eBay, we probably don’t need to mention that it’s available in limited quantities, but you’ll get a great deal on this very well reviewed knife if you move with a bit of swiftness.

The seller is Toolsmithdirect, who carries an exceptional Feedback score that’s 99.7% positive at the site.

The Snap-On 870232 Slam Utility Knife is on sale for just $12.99 with free shipping.

The forward thinking design allows you to pop the safety knife out by applying just a bit of pressure on the switch. Closing it is even easier, as you just “slam” it shut or push the switch. The tough construction means you won’t hurt it when open and close it continuously. The body fits perfectly in your hand thanks to it’s curved ergonomic design with a contoured slope that makes it comfortable to hold. You don’t just get one blade either. Six are included, and they store in a hatch that’s built in to the knife.