Skyrocket RECOIL Starter Set for $54.99!

This one went live on Cyber Monday and has stuck around. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen and as mcuh as $50 less than many of their competitors. Well worth a look for gamers who like actually get “hands on” with their gaming.

For a limited time, Gamestop offers the Skyrocket RECOIL Starter Set for just $54.99 with free shipping! By comparison, the lowest price we could find for it at eBay (always on our list of places to use for price comparisons) is $89.99.

The Skyrocket RECOIL Starter Set:

  • Great reviews pretty much everywhere we found it.
  • The idea is to engage in squad based combat.
  • Your location becomes the battlefield thanks to GPS.
  • You can track your opponents and know where every player is.
  • Comes with 2 rifles, a Wi-Fi Base Station, the Game App, and 4 AR Tags.

Because Recoil can be joined by as many as 16 players, you may want more firepower. Find some pretty cool add-ons here.


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