SiriusXM Onyx Satellite Radio Reciever $34.99!

SiriusXM Onyx Radio

When I was working in the corporate world, I commuted about an hour to work each way. Being an all around wonderful person, my wife bought me a Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver for Christmas one year (you’ll be happy to hear that it was around Black Friday) and I was immediately hooked.

As most folks in the travel industry, I worked weekends, which meant that sports would be difficult to come by. Where would I hear the scores? On the one ESPN station we had that gave us nothing but news about the local team (which happened to be the most hated NFL by all fans of MY team?)

Satellite radio solved my problem. I used it in my office while I worked, the volume turned low, and it was much more than scores. It was analysis, commentary, picks, but most importantly play by play! I heard my team as they drove the down the field or tried to stop those clowns from the other team while on defense.

The rest of the week I listened to an enormous collection of music, which became even bigger when XM and Sirius merged into one. Pop, Jazz, R&R, Heavy Metal and more, each with multiple stations were at my fingertips and made my drive to and from work through traffic much more bearable.

My point is that when you have XM and Sirius you have an enormous variety to choose from. If you drive a lot, it’s especially useful, and if you get bored of sports and music (what?) you can always listen to a huge number of news, political commentary, and my personal go to for when I was feeling a tad down, comedy stations!

So grab a great little receiver while it’s on sale and open yourself to a huge world of radio with an XM/Sirius receiver!

While it lasts, Amazon has the SiriusXM Onyx Satellite Radio Receiver for just $34.99. You’ll get it shipped for free if you have a Prime Membership, or add something small to get your order over $35. This one sells for as much as $70 in stores, but about $50 at most other sites. For what you get, it’s truly a bargain.

SiriusXM model XEZ1V1 comes with a vehicle kit for easy installation to your car, comes with a well lit blue display that lets you see the name of the artist, the show, the song and more, and even lets you check out what’s on other stations without leaving the one you’re listening to.