Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub $49.98!

*12/17 Update: For the moment, it’s sold out through Amazon and available only form third party sellers at a higher price.*

This one was going for about $65 in October. But it’s December, and prices are rather low at the moment. While it lasts, Amazon offers the Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub for just $49.98 with free shipping. This matches the lowest we’ve seen for this very popular device.

As you can see, the image we posted is not of the hub itself, but a chart which simply displays how it can be used. It automates things like your lights and thermostat, helps you check your security system, all on a single “chain” of devices. The Hub can even learn new things, all wirelessly. Think of it as a new brain for your home and you’ll get the idea.

Devices must be compatible with their SmartThings platform, but many already are, and we’re seeing more added on a regular basis.