Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Sprint Service 32GB for $99.99! 64GB just $199.99!

Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeCaution: Their one day deals really are valid for one day! It often takes weeks or even months for the price to drop again once that day has ended, so be advised that they simply don’t…last…long!

For 10/11, Best Buy has the spectacular, highly-praised Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on sale! The prices on phones with 2 year contracts rarely drops anywhere, so take advantage while you can. You might already know more than we do about it, but just in case, here’s a quick rundown of what’s inside this fantastic phone from Samsung…

– Uses an Octa-Core Exynos 7420 processor from Samsung that offers 3GB of it’s own memory for super fast response, offering smooth video, music, web browsing and more.

– Super fast 4G LTE connections offer incredible speed for whatever you want to do while connected.

– Great operating system in the form of the 5.0.2 Lollilop system from Android.

– The spectacular 5.1 inch display gives you four times the resolution of standard HD, with 577 pixels per inch offering stunning visuals.

– The Curved design makes the S6 Edge super comfy on your head while you’re chatting with your peeps.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB 4G LTE Smartphone in Gold, White or Black for $99.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB 4G LTE Smartphone in Gold, White or Black for $199.99