Roku HDMI Streaming Stick Refurbished by Roku for $29.95!

It’s a hot deal because it wasn’t made like new by a nineteen year old trainee at a “bidding site.” Anyway, you know that if it’s going to be refurbished, it can’t get better than a Roku 3 (model 3500R with HDMI) that’s recertified to look and more importantly perform, just like a brand new one.

Get your manufacturer refurbished Roku Stick for just $29.95 with free shipping from NewEgg (at eBay) while it’s available. It comes with a 90 day factory warranty and is available in (probably very) limited quantities.

– This one connects via HDMI, eliminating the issue the first version had with using an MHL port (which very few TVs had at the time it was introduced.)

– Pop it into the back of the TV and off you go. The 3500R is perfect for TVs that are mounted, because if you used a regular streamer, it would find itself hanging…

– It comes with a remote, but we love the fact that you can control it via a mobile device like your smartphone.

– You can access more than 1,000 channels with it and they’re constantly adding more!