Rock Band 4 Band in a Box Bundle for $249.99! Now shipping!

Rock Band Bundle

*11/15 Update: Still available for both consoles!*

Grab the kids because it’s time to rock! Sure, you can take the game more seriously and perfect your skills, but in our house, skill is simply out of the question. Grab the four year old and put him or her on the drums. They bang stuff all over the house anyway. In our house mom takes the lead vocals (you don’t want to hear dad try, trust me on that one) and I play lead guitar. The other kid belts out excellent backing vocals and boom! We have a rock band. All that was missing in our rock and roll quartet was a great name. We had all four members of the family write down an adjective and an animal on two post it notes. These were crumbled and tossed into a sock (we were out of hats) and then the leader of the band (that would be mom again) pulled one of from each of the socks. And so we become the stuff of rock and roll legend, destined for the Hall of Fame, and forever to be known as the…

“Enlightened Fluffy Bunnies!”

Anyway, it may not be the most memorable name, but the youngest member of the family has a pet rabbit…

Start your own band with this new Rock Band 4 Bundle! It’s releasing today and it will make your living room (garage is so 90’s) a recording studio or stage at an open air show. It’s bundled with the new game (part 4) and everything you need to be the next big boy band or classic rock ensemble. The whole shebang goes for $249.99 and shipping is free, and it’s well worth the hours and hours of fun you’ll have with family and/or friends.
It’s quite an inclusive bundle, and includes not only the new Rock Band 4 game for your choice of consoles, but also a Fender Stratocaster Guitar with strap and even the batteries to run it. A drum kit that uses no wires with drum pads (four of them) and a kick pedal made of metal, along with the sticks to beat them up with. Finally, you get a microphone that’s good enough for a big stage, using USB and offering great audio quality and 15 foot cable long enough for you to use your “Moves like Jagger” as you belt out tunes.

Finally, there’s a ton of great music included in the game itself. There are 60 in the playlist, but thousands more are available in their Music Store you can access from the game. Artists like The Killers, Aerosmith, Elvis (do we need to use his last name?), Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons and many more are included.

Grab your Rock Band 4 Bundle while it’s at this low price! Every instrument is improved and more playable than ever!