Ridgid R9020PNK JobMax Pneumatic Multi-Tool Kit $44.88!

Ridgid Multitool*10/7 Update – Great tool that’s back in stock at the excellent price below!*

On sale until 11/1 (but subject to selling out) Home Depot is offering the Ridgid R9020PNK JobMax Pneumatic Multi-Tool Kit for just $44.88! Shipping is free and at the best price we’ve seen for it (this is less than half of it’s original price) it’s one of those great Ridgid tool deals we love…

The R9020PNK is an awesome tool, just ask the folks who own one. It completes a number of important tasks easily and with great accuracy thanks to features like these…

A motor with plenty of power – it offers 0-18,000 OPM!

A very light design so it’s easy to be accurate – it weighs just 1.5 pounds.

Use it in forward or reverse – you’ll love the variable spped control.

Great hex grip that makes it easy to hold onto and point where you want it to go.

In the box you get the tool, a pair of blades, a universal adapter, sandpaper, a hex wrench and more.