Radio Flyer EZ Ultimate Wagon $169.99!

Radio Flyer Wagon

Raise your hand if you had a Radio Flyer Wagon when you were a kid. Man, that’s a lot of hands…

When I was a kid, practically everyone on my street had a Radio Flyer. Notice that I don’t specify which product? That’s because the name was just a synonym for “wagon.” That’s what Radi0 Flyer did, and they did it better than anyone else. We would hop in the back or pull, depending on which of us got that particular job (usually the bigger kid won and got to ride in it, funny how that happens) and head for the street as fast as the puller could do his job.

Well, some things never change. Though the company now makes tricycles, scooters and more, Radio Flyer still makes the best wagons in the business.

Take their Ultimate EZ Wagon, for example. It’s as safe as just about any wagon made, as easy to use as any on the market, and according to the reviews, it’s every bit as fun as my rusty old Radio Flyer that sits in my father’s garage because it still holds so many memories.

On sale until 9/10, the very deluxe Radio Flyer EZ Ultimate Wagon is available for just $169.99. Shipping is free and that’s a big, $60 difference over the next best price we found. The EZ Wagon folds with one hand for easy storage, seats two very happy young people in the back who can safely strapped in via the included seat belts, has four cup holders (perfect for canned drinks and juice boxes) and receives fantastic review scores everywhere we found it. Yes, it’s different than my old Radio Flyer. But it’s still as awesome as I remember it.