Radio Flyer 500 Ride On with Ramp $69.88!

*Update 12/17 – The price was so low they sold out! We’ll keep an eye on it.*

Smart move, Radio Flyer. You’ve bundled your excellent tribute to a “real” Indy vehicle with a ramp to speed down. Well played, indeed. offers the Radio Flyer 500 Ride-On bundled with a Ramp for just $69.99! With free shipping, that’s the lowest price we’ve seen for it and $23 better than anyone else we see it at today.

  • The ramp features grooves for the car to drive down cleanly.
  • Their Radio Flyer 500 car can be smoothly steered and pedaled powerfully.
  • Both are built to be durable, thanks to the high standards Radio Flyer has always followed.