PS4 Console + The Nathan Drake Collection + Guitar Hero Live with Guitar for $369.99!

PS4 Nathan Drake Bundle

So I get to play the Nathan Drake games (you’ve heard of “Uncharted” I’m sure) and pretend I’m Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption in front of 70,000 people? Where do I sign up?

It’s a great bundle for the all around kind of gamer. The price is the lowest we see by at least $60. But it’s awesome, not just for the gamer who enjoys action titles, but also the one who likes to rock!

In limited quantities, Ebay through seller Antonline is offering this excellent Playstation 4 500GB Console BundlE with “The Nathan Drake Collection” via Digital Voucher, “Guitar Hero Live” and the awesome new guitar controller that feels more real and gives you better control than ever of the awesome songs you’ll be playing in front of “Real Crowds” no matter how good (or like me, not so good) you are on the six string! It’s priced at just $369.99 with free shipping but who knows for how long?

If you haven’t played the Uncharted games, you’ll probably love them like the rest of us already do. You’re an explorer, and you often find yourself in a jam, somewhere wild, like a jungle, spelunking, swinging through caves…Some is always hunting you, and you’re always trying to stay alive. OK not always but really often. Luckily, Nathan Drake is funny. No wait, lucky he’s smart. But seriously he’s a funny hero.

And the new Guitar Hero is going to give you the real fan reactions you’ve always craved. The new guitar controller is more intuitive and responsive than ever. Tons of great songs are included, but many more are available via download. Go get it at this great price!