Pre-Order Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle for $399.99!

Fallout 4 BundleIt’s the first pre-order deal we’ve seen for this excellent bundle! Best Buy is offering pre-orders of this Microsoft Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle for just $399.99. Shipping is free and it will ship on or around it’s release date, which happens to be Nov. 10. If you must have it on the day it comes out, just choose free in store pick up and you will!

With this bundle you get access to a huge world of entertainment! A 1TB hard drive with a huge amount of space is yours,but the real fun comes with the game: Fallout 4.

You get a copy of the game, but also Fallout 3 via download. That’s very cool because it was originally made for the Xbox 360, and you can now play it on your next generation Xbox One! That means you’ll follow the story in order, and explore the big open worlds of the series. You’ll also receive a free 14 day trial of Xbox Live.