Pre-Order Jurassic World Blu-Ray Combo with DVD and HD Digital Copy for $19.56!

Jurassic WorldWhile I like all dinosaurs (though I admit that’s kind of a weird thing to say) my favorites are the scary ones. Yes, the ones that are carnivores. While it may sound rather gruesome, the best parts of the “Jurassic” movies are the ones with a large, hungry, fast Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing someone or something. With a good surround system and on a big HDTV, there’s little in the entertainment world that can be called more exciting than a scene like that.

Yes, “Jurassic World” offers more than just the mean dinosaurs. It reminds us that me must take care of our world and that’s important. But I’ll never stop loving the fast action of the biggest, baddest prehistoric creatures flipping a car, chasing a human on foot (good luck) or others acting like a really bad dude.

Anyway, onto the movie in question: While it lasts, Walmart is offering a very good movie in a very cool package at an excellent price! You can pre-order the Jurassic World Blu-Ray Combo with the DVD and HD Digital version fo the movie, all in a cool collectible tin for just $19.56! Shipping is free and they’ll send it out on or near the release date of 10/20/15.

The cool theme park where you can experience the awesome beauty of dinosaurs is open for business when suddenly things go a bit crazy. Things start happening (maybe some of the stuff I mentioned above) and that’s all I’ll say because I don’t like to ruin the experience for people.

Enough talk, grab your collector’s packaged set of Jurassic World before they change the price!