Powerland PD10000E 8,000 Continuous Watt Portable Gas Generator for $550!

Powerland Generator*2/14 Update – This one has see sawed up and down. $799 at the moment.*

Would you believe it’s selling for over $1,000 at other sites? Or that Amazon sells this one for $1150? Both are true, as is the fact that reviews are very good everywhere we see this model.

While it lasts, Ebay via Factory Authorized Outlet is offering the Powerland PD10000E Portable Gas Generator for $549.99! With free shipping, that is simply an outstanding offer. Of course, that also means it could sell out at any time.

This generator offers up the same warranty you would get anywhere else, with one full year of coverage. It gives you 10,000 watts when you start it up (known as surge watts) and a continuous 8,000 that gives you enough power for all sorts of appliances and electronics to keep going with nothing more than the turn of a key.

The engine is an air cooled OHV model with 16 horsepower. The Electric Start makes getting it going very easy. A power screen tells you when oil is low, how many volts you’re getting, and plenty of power outlets.

The Wheel kit is included with your purchase, even at this fantastically low price!