PlayStation TV Bundle with Lego Movie Game for $59.99!

Playstation TV BundleLet’s call this one a “bundle of joy” shall we? It has loads of fun stuff that would normally cost you much more. Get this most excellent package that’s full of excellent gaming for just $59.99. With free shipping. you’ll save quite a bit of money, but we probably don’t have to tell you that. Get it at eBay through seller ordereasyas123 (and their absurdly great 99.8% positive feedback score) while it lasts. The listing ends in 4 days, but we would be surprised if it makes through tomorrow.

Here’s what you get in this excellent Playstation TV Bundle:

  • The Playstation TV that allows you to access Playstation games via download or stream.
  • A Voucher for The Lego Movie Game (starring our hero Emmet, who does his best to save the world!)
  • A Sony Playstation DualShock 3 Controller.
  • An 8GB Memory Card.