Pizzeria Pizzacraft Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven (PC6000) $220

Like most people, I love just about every kind of pizza. Having grown up in Italy though, I like part of my crust a little extra crispy and even a little burnt. I like to make my own dough and pizza here at home and then fire it up on my BBQ grill at 700+ degrees. The problem I run into is the bottom burns unless I put it on a pizza stone. This Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven (model # PC6000) is the solution to my problem and maybe yours It’s on sale today for only $220 and shipping is free. The pizza oven reviews look very good all around too. Not only can you cook up a delicious pizza in 5 minutes, but this thing is incredibly portable. Forget burgers and dogs, bust this bad boy out the next time you are out tailgating.

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