Pioneer Elite Receivers on Sale!

Pioneer Elite Receiver

Looking for a high-performance hub for your Home Theater System? Then the “Elite” line of receivers from Pioneer might be just what you’re looking for. They’re smart, offer multiple decoding options, and don’t forget the sound! They pipe exceptional good sound to your speakers, and if you hook them up right, they’ll make everything you plug into an Elite Receiver better!

Until 8/29, World Wide Stereo has Pioneer Elite Receivers on Sale!

There are no budget models here, just four very powerful brains for everything you want to improve on in your audio and visual world. These are all ideal for custom installation if it’s in your budget, and work beautifully as the brain of a system running a high-end projector or beautiful 4K TV. Shipping is free on all of them. Here are all four Pioneer Elite Receivers on sale:

Pioneer Elite SC-82 Receiver for $1,285.00
Class D3 amplification for big pure sound, played through seven glorious channels. Loads of decoding plus features like a subwoofer equalizer control and much more.

Pioneer Elite SC-85 Receiver for $1,520.00
Doby Atmos (which is incredible, by the way) decodes to the point that you’ll think you’re in the theater. It offers a hefty seven HDMI inputs and two outputs for loads of connectivity options in high definition.

Pioneer Elite SC-87 Receiver for $1,900.00
It’s powerful, of course, but it’s also versatile, thanks to 4K upscaling, professional MCACC calibration for setting it up, and excellent decoding with Sabre32 Ultra DAC.

Pioneer Elite SC-89 Receiver for $2,850.00
Yes, it’s “up there.” But this one offers certification from AIR studios (the folks who make motion picture soundtracks), nine channels of insanely beaufitul punch and sound, and so many features you’ll have to head to the site to see them for yourself!