Pebble Time 38mm Polycarbonate Smartwatch $129.99!

Pebble Time SmartwatchIt’s the first time we’ve seen a notable deal on this model and it’s a good one. While it lasts, Best Buy is offering $70 off the Pebble Time 38mm Polycarbonate Smartwatch. Get it for just $129.99 with free shipping in your choice of Black, Red or White Silicone! Most others are still offering it for $199.
To start off with, the Pebble Time receives that are typically better, on average, then many simple smart watches made by their competition. Most of the comments tend to speak positively about the battery life of up to 7 days, the great looking display in color, and plenty of brightness on it to read in practically any lighting conditions.

It’s enabled for Bluetooth 4.0, and pairs with many Apple and Android devices. Once you connect, you’re off to the races. But if you’re not working out, it will still give you plenty of great functionality. You can send or receive e-mails and text messages, fall asleep and use the alarm to wake you up, and of course, get directions thanks to it’s included GPS technology.