Panasonic SR-ZX185 Microcomputer Rice Cooker $149.95!

Simply put, this is one you’d pay $200 or more for if you found it “on sale” elsewhere. Luckily, Panasonic has their own website where they sell their excellent and very popular products.

For a limited time, get the Panasonic SR-ZX185 Microcomputer Rice Cooker direct from the folks who make it at the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Just $149.95 gets you this very high quality cooker. The price is valid starting on 11/12 but we don’t know for how long.

The feature-full SR-ZX185 offers the ability to cook as much as 10 cups of rice (uncooked) or as little as you want. The controls use microcomputer technology so you can regulate the heat so that your results are perfect every time. The inner pan uses a non stick coating made of six layers of diamond flourine. It makes more than rice. You can also use it for soups, oatmeal and lots of other stuff. The LCD control panel makes it easy to monitor and regular practically everything about the cooking process.