Our 2017 Black Friday Primer!

The entire holiday period can be rather daunting, and the stress of shopping certainly does plenty to add to that feeling that you just won’t be able to keep up. And so, as we do every year, we’ve put together a few tips to make the entire process a little easier.

Though in previous years we have given a fair amount of attention to in-store shopping, this year we’re focusing entirely on the online Black Friday shopping experience. Frankly, the retail business has moved toward shopping on a device for years now. Oh, and also we own a couple of websites, and not a single, physical retail location.

And so here are some of the things we’ve learned that could help you experience a less stressful, and definitely less expensive, holiday shopping experience.

  1. First of all, we highly recommend you bookmark this site and/or our sister site www.crazytowndeals.com. Even if you don’t, consider finding a site like ours to shop at. We spend a great deal of time watching the retail world on the web, which means we find deals faster than the average human. Every day we post hot deals at both of our sites to make sure you get the very best deals. We work much more during this time of year, so you’ll see new offers on what you’re looking for early and often.
  2. If it’s a specific item you’re shopping for at any given time from November to December, it could take a little planning. First, we recommend you head to the site that features the item in it’s add at some point on Thanksgiving Day. Many times we see those deals, often Doorbusters, go live at some point on that day. In fact, some typically sell out online well before Friday.
  3. If that happens, don’t lose faith. Though the best Black Friday deals in your Brick & Mortar store rarely reappear once they sell out, we’ve seen those identical items appear again online multiple times between Black Friday and just before Christmas. Remember, businesses need to move inventory.
  4. This one requires an example.
    • If you’re looking specifically for Samsung model FTM392 50″ 4K Smart HDTV, you’re bound to spend a fair amount of time looking for it at the “true” Black Friday price.
    • If you’re looking for a well-reviewed 50″ 4K Smart HDTV, those are already appearing at “true” Black Friday prices. We’ve not only found those deals already, we’re posting them right here as we do. We know of at least four HDTV brands that make equally high quality sets. Those will be considerably easier to snag than an exact model.
    • However, if you’re immovable on that exact model, we suggest you let us know. We’re here for hours on end this time of year, and if we see that price, we can let you know about it, hopefully as soon as it goes live. Our e-mail address is crazytowndeals@crazytowndeals.com.
    • Our point? A little bit of flexibility could net you a great TV, at a hot price, and without hopping around the web for days.
  5. The above is also true of shopping at specific stores. If, for example you are in possession of a Kohl’s Card, it makes sense to take advantage of the benefits (exclusive coupons, free Kohl’s Cash etc…) by shopping there. But if you’re willing to check out other retailers, sometimes those you don’t know much about, you’ll often find deals that match or beat the prices at the “big names.” Small, online only sellers have made big strides the past few years, both in their competitiveness in pricing and also in their ability to make customers happy. Oh, and with the world wide web, a simple search can tell you all about their reputation.
  6. We’re a small business. If, like us, you believe in shopping at small businesses this season, remember that you can help many of them by shopping online. In fact, some of our favorite sellers are run by very few employees. Sites like Tanga, Proozy, DealGenius and Shnoop all fit into that category, and we post their many great deals, usually on our sister site, quite regularly.